Welcome to the Lanceville Ambulance Station, home of our very own Lances. The Ambulance Station is a place where you can go to learn about various illnesses and injuries and how to identify and care for them. We are continually enhancing this section to provide kids with useful information on first aid and safety, so check back often. We've also provided links to other emergency related websites where kids can learn and play. For more information on specific injuries suffered by the characters in "The Adventures of Tommi Lance", go to the Lanceville Hospital.

Tommi's First Aid Kit ~ Learn the necessary material for a well stocked first aid kit for the home or car.

General First Aid:

Until our complete first aid information section is complete, we offer this link to the Utah Mountain Biking First Aid site. It provides information on a variety of illnesses and injuries.

Management of Fish hook Injuries - This is an article written by a fisherman who has had his fair share of fish hook injuries.

Traffic Safety:

Traffic Signs and Safety for Kids ~ This site is a valuable resource for learning safety surrounding traffic signs and lights, car safety, biking safety, and bus safety.

Fire Safety:

The U.S. Fire Safety Administration for Kids website ~ Learn about home fire safety, fire alarms, and fire escape plans.

Draw your own Fire Escape Route ~ Print this graph and draw a fire escape route out of your home.

Sparky the Great Fire Dog ~ Kids play games and learn about fire safety with Sparky the fire dog.

Stranger Safety:

Got 2 B Safe ~ Games and activities to keep kids safe.

Stranger Safety ~ Stranger safety tips for kids.

Poison Prevention:

KidSpace Poison Prevention

Poison Prevention Tips ~ From the American Association of Poison Control Centers

u Tips for Keeping Children Safe

u Tips for Keeping Adults Safe

u Find your local Poison Control Center

Poison Prevention (includes statistics of incidents of poisonings) ~ From the National Safety Council

u Types of Poisons in the Home

u How to Poison Proof your Home

Bicycle Safety:

NHTSA's Safety City Bike Tour ~ Vince and Larry, the safety dummies, take you on a tour to learn about important safety tips.

Your Bicycle Helmet ~ A correct fit ~ a helmet won't work if it's not on right.

Ten Smart Routes to Bicycle Safety ~ from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration

Kids Health for Kids

How to Not get hit by Cars ~ Bicyclesafe.com

Preventing Injuries from Falls:

Keeping Kids Safe From Falls in the Home ~ From the National Safety Council

The Hidden Danger of Falling Furniature:

http://www.katieeliselambert.com ~ Facts and Safety tips to prevent injury or death to children from fallen furnitature.

General Kids Safety Information Websites:

Transportation Safety Tips ~ Information for parents on how to keep the family safe.

Safe Kid Brochure from the American College of Emergency Physicians

Risk Watch ~ Make Time for Safety ~ From NFPA

Emergency Preparedness Websites:

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Kids Site - emergency preparedness and disaster information. Includes a kids activity section with lots to see and do.

General Kids Site Links:

First Gov for Kids ~ Links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject. Explore, learn, have fun

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