Welcome to the Lanceville Hospital. If you are wondering what happened to the people that Tommi has helped in his latest adventures, you can find out here. We will be adding information here for children to learn about anatomy and physiology as well as information about tests they may encounter in the hospital. The words shown in red will be explained in further detail in the coming days, so check back soon.

Tommi Lance Grows Up

Marie Peterson
After arriving at the hospital Emergency Department, Mrs. Peterson was seen by a doctor. Then she had an X-ray which showed that she had broken her right ankle. The doctor put a hard cast on her foot which will stay on for 3 to 4 weeks. A full recovery is expected. Mrs. Peterson was then discharged from the E.R. and is now resting comfortably at home.

Tommi's First Snowfall

Emily Nicole Resetco
Tommi broght Emily Nicole to the Emergency Department after she was hit in the eye with a snowball. The doctor looked at her eye closely with a special magnifying machine and saw that she scratched her cornea, part of the eye. He gave her some eye drops to put in her eye for a few days and then covered it with an eye patch. He told her to follow up with her regular doctor in a week to make sure everythign was OK and then sent her on her way home.

Mrs. Johnson and her baby Michele
The baby was strapped in her car seat and had no injuries when seen at the hospital. She was sent home with her father. Mrs. Johnson, however, had a cut above her left eye where she hit the windshield after the car crashed. She was confused and dizzy when Tommi evaluated her at the scene of the accident and was complaining of pain in her neck. Tommi immobilized her so that whe wouldn't move her neck until she was seen by the doctor, covered the cut on her head, and gave her oxygen with a mask. The body needs oxygen to survive, so the doctor kept the oxygen on after they arrived at the hospital. He then took Mrs. Johnson over to the radiology department for an Xray of her head, neck and spine. It showed that she had sufferred a concussion and only pulled the muscles in her neck, but there was no break in any of the bones in her neck or spine. That was great news. Still, just to be safe, the doctor had Mrs. Johnson stay in the hospital overnight and then she was released the next morning. A full recovery is expected.

Petie Miller
Petie had fallen through the ice into the cold water at the lake, but Tommi was able to rescue him quickly. After Tommi examined him thoroughly at the lake, he called the doctor and they decided that Petie didn't need to go to the hospital. Instead, Tommi removed Petie's wet clothes and wrapped him in a warm blanket. Keeping him warm was very important because if the body gets too cold, it causes hypothermia which can be very bad. Tommi then took Petie home to his mom where he got into some fresh clothes and felt much better. Tommi saw Petie ice skating later that week, but this time Petie was much more careful not to skate on think ice.

Max Tompkins
Max was taken to the hospital by Tommi with his leg fully immobilized with padded board splints. At the hospital, he had an Xray of his left leg and saw that it was fractured. A special doctor called an Orthopoedic doctor put a hard cast on his leg. After keeping the cast on for 4 weeks, a full recovery is expected.

Tommi Goes to the Beach

Melissa Thomas
After Tommi brought Melissa to shore, he examined her to see if anything was wrong. She was very tired from swimming so long, and was a little dehydrated. Tommi gave her some Gatorade for her thirst and instructed her to stay out of the water and rest. He then left her with her to her mom. She was never taken to the hospital.

Maria Shiner
Maria was stung by a jelly fish. While the pain can be severe, if treated correctly and quickly, a jelly fish sting does not usually cause someone to be very sick. Tommi took care of Maria by removing the stinger from her leg by scraping a piece of cardboard against the skin to lift it up and then using tweezers to remove it. If you touch the stinger, you will absorb the poison as well. Tommi then poured a large amount of salt water on the wound to neutralize the effects of the poison. Regular water should not be used because it actually speeds the effect of the poison and will make the condition worst. Then Tommi poured vinegar on the wound to further neutralize the effects of the poison. Although it sounds gross, if vinegar is not available, urine has the same effect. After neutralizing the area, Tommi but a bandage on the wound and left Maria in the loving care of her mother at the beach.

Paul Jackson
Paul fell asleep in the sun and hadn't put any suntan lotion on before coming to the beach. As a result, his skin burnt in the hot sun. When Tommi woke him on the beach, Paul's skin was red and painful, but there were no blisters. Tommi gave the boy some aloe lotion to put on his skin to help relieve the pain for the next few days until the sunburn went away. If Tommi had seen blisters on the skin, he would have taken him to the Emergency Department to be seen by the doctor because a burn with blisters is called a second degree burn which is much more serious.

Emily Nicole Resetco
Emily Nicole's finger was bitten by a seagull that flew in to grab a sandwich out of her hand. Animal bites can become easily infected because the mouth of the animal that caused the bite is dirty. Because of this, Tommi cleaned Emily Nicole's cut with soap and water and then applied an antiseptic ointment to prevent infection. Then he covered the wound with a bandaid. Emily Nicole's finger felt much better with the bandaid. If Emily Nicole's finger had become infected, Tommi would have taken her see the doctor, but because of his expert emergency care, no additional care was necessary.

Molly Brown
Molly had an accident while water skiing. During a jump, her one leg missed the ramp and twisted. When Tommi found her, she was complaining of pain in ther right leg. Tommi immobilized the leg with padded board splints. Upon arriving at the hospital's Emergency Department, the doctor examined Molly's leg and sent to to get an Xray. Molly's leg was swollen and bruised. The Xray confirmed that she had broken her leg. The Orthopoedic doctor put a cast on Molly's leg. Molly left the hospital and is looking forward to removal of the cast in five weeks.

Tommi Goes Camping

Billy Buster
Billy Buster has a severe allergy to bee stings. When he was stung by a bee, he sufferred an allergic reaction which caused his skin to itch and his face to swell, and he began to have a hard time breathing. But Billy's doctor had prescribed an Epi-Pen just in case he was ever stung by a bee. Tommi new that an Epi-Pen would help Billy's allergic reaction and immediately gave him the shot. The medicine inside the Epi-Pen did its job and the swelling went away, his skin stopped itching, and he was breathing much better. Just to be safe, Tommi took Billy to the hospital where the doctor evaluated him and declared he was just fine.

Alyssa Smith
Alyssa was bitten by a rattlesnake. A rattlesnake is poisonous, so Tommi was quick to take care of her wound by cleaning it and applying a bandage and then taking her to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctor gave Alyssa an anti-venom serum to counteract the poison. The serum worked and Alyssa was feeling much better. She remained in the hospital for two days and then was discharged and is now at home resting comfortably.

Pamela Richards
Pamela ate a bowl of poisonous berries. Tommi was quick to realize this and gave her activated charcoal to absorb the poison. Pemela was feeling a little better at the hospital, but they needed to clean out her stomach to get rid of all the poison berries. It wasn't much fun, but it was very important. Pamela now knows that she must be more careful when picking wild berries. After a night in the hospital, Pamela was discharged and is now doing well.

Michael Beards
Michael got a fish hook stuck in his hand. Tommi carefully removed the hook by cutting the wire and then removing it from the same direction it entered. Then he cleaned the wound with soap and water and applied an antiseptic ointment to prevent infection. He then covered the wound with a bandaid. The doctor looked at Michael's hand and decided that he didn't need stitches, so he was discharged and is now doing well. The wound should heal completely in a couple days.

Andrew Masterson
Mr. Masterson was out hiking all day in the heat without any water. He was dizzy and tired when Tommi found him. Tommi quickly realized that Mr. Masterson was suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration and gave him some Gatorade. Then he moved him to a cool area and took him to the hospital. The doctor


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