Welcome to the Lanceville Post Office. Tommi and his friends love to receive mail. If you would like to send Tommi, Mrs. Lance, Emily Nicole, or Jackson an email, just click on their photo below. You can also send general mail to some of the citizens of Lanceville by clicking on the links that follow:

Email Catherine Parvensky Barwell, author / illustrator of "The Adventures of Tommi Lance" at capb@tommilance.com

Email the mayor of Lanceville with any general questions or comments at info@tommilance.com

Email the webmaster of www.tommilance.com at info@tommilance.com

You can send mail via the U.S. Postal Service to the following address:

ILT Publishing
P.O. Box 72420
Thorndale, PA 19372-0420

Click on one of the characters below to send an email message.


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