Here's what others are saying about "The Adventures of Tommi Lance":

  • “I did read all of the books when they came in. (I used to be an Editor and just can’t help reading everything I get my hands on.) I LOVED THEM. I think they are extremely usable for little people, and they teach in an enjoyable manner. What more can you ask for!” ~ Domini Williams, Regent Printing, Sonoma, CA

  • “The Adventures of Tommi Lance is an extremely entertaining and educational series of childrens’ books. If educators are looking for a fun way to teach literacy and safety, the Tommi Lance series is the way to go! Children don’t like being lectured to about safety, so the situations Tommi encounters present “teachable moments” in the context of fun and exciting stories. Every educator will want to have a set of these in their classroom...The illustrations are wonderfully alive and vivid. The stories are appropriate for children in pre-school and elementary school, as either a read-aloud series or for independent reading. As with teachers, parents can also read these fun books with their children to encourage reading and learning about safety. Every parent will want to have a set of these in their home.” ~ Tenley Stillwell, MSW, Supervisor, Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO
  • “I found the Tommi Lance series to be a refreshing approach to teach children, in a non-threatening manner, everyday safety rules for both emergency and non-emergency situations that they will retain for life. I would also strongly recommend that parents share this reading to refresh their understanding of these safety lessons. The illustrations are eye-catching and, together with the story line, guaranteed to hold a child’s interest.”
    George P. Turner, Chief, West Whiteland Fire Company

  • “FANTASTIC!” ~ Everitt Binns, Ph.D., Executive Director, Eastern Pennsylvania Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc.

  • “Tommi Lance portrays a loveable character who appeals to children of all ages. Tommi’s friendliness, concern for others and knowledge of safety issues provides a desirable and effective model for all children. Each Tommi Lance book presents a number of safety issues and explains solutions to each in concise language children can understand. These books will raise awareness of “staying safe”, and reduce a child’s fear of medical assistance personnel. You will enjoy the wonderful and vivid illustrations accompanying each story. The Tommi Lance series is highly recommended. Children will look forward to where Tommi will go next! Check out the website For additional fun and educational activities for the whole family. All thumbs up to Tommi Lance!” ~ Diane Scanze, M.S., M.Ed., Elementary Education/Special Education Teacher, Downingtown, Pennsylvania

  • “As a Police Chief and a father, I was absolutely delighted in the Adventures of Tommi Lance. I understand the importance of safety and that accidents occur daily. Tommi Lance takes these serious situations and turns them in to a fun way to teach our children how to react in case of injury. With today’s busy lifestyle, we do not always take the time to teach our children what to do in case of an emergency. While reading the book to my daughter she asked many questions about safety. I did not realize the impact the book would have on her. Her new motto is “Do you need help, cuz I can help you.” In Tommi’s Adventures he takes everyday life and teaches us how and where to get help. He is a delightful character that will be loved by kids of all ages.” ~ Gary Weeks, Chief of Police, Samson, Alabama

  • “I was very impressed when I read the first of four of The Adventures of Tommi Lance series. The books are designed to help the young reader understand the importance of safety and not to be afraid of an ambulance. They are well written and easy for children to understand. The illustrations are full of detail which brings the reader into the story. I highly recommend these books for young readers as well as parents. They are both educational and fun to read. Every household, library and day care should have a copy of these books as a way to emphasize the need for safety.”
    Jerry L. Peters, Paramedic, Chester County Hospital, West Chester, Pennsylvania

  • “Move over Tommy the Tank Engine! Here comes Tommi Lance the Ambulance!” ~ Chester County Book and Music Company, West Chester, Pennsylvania


Tommi Lance has been seen working away at Libraries from Kenai, Alaska to Everglades City, Florida, and from Millinocket, Maine to Costa Mesa, California. Why? “‘Cause [he] can help!”

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