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The Welcome Center is where you can learn about the town of Lanceville and what you can find in this website.

The Activity Center

The Lanceville Activity Center comes alive for kids of all ages. We have games like "Tommi Says", "Connect 4", mind sweep and math missle command, and activities includ1ing coloring books and puzzles. These games are fun and educational. Teachers and EMS educators can download an acitiviy packet to share with kids and teach them the importance of safety. And best of all.... it's all FREE. Come back often and stay as long as you'd like. [ Go to the Activity Center.

Go to the Lanceville Welcome Center
Go to the Lanceville Bookstore to order your copy of "The Adventures of Tommi Lance"
Go to the Lanceville Welcome Center Check out the status of all Tommi's patients at the Lanceville Community Hospital Go to the Lanceville Bookstore to order your copy of "The Adventures of Tommi Lance"
Learn all the latest news about Tommi Lance and his exciting adventure books.
Send an e-mail to your favorite characterss in "The Adventures of Tommi Lance"
Play games and enjoy activities at the Lanceville Activity Center
Go to Tommi's Ambulance Station to learn about different emergencies and how to stay safe.
Go to Tommi's Ambulance Station to learn about different emergencies and how to stay safe.

The Book Store

Buy one book or the entire "The Adventures of Tommi Lance" series through the Lanceville Bookstore. If you buy the series through our book store, Tommi will even give you two special gifts FREE! As a special treat to our visitors, the author of "The Adventures of Tommi Lance" along with some of her special guests, can be heard telling the story "Tommi Lance Grows Up" at the Reading Center in the Book Store. Here you can also let us know what you think about our books. This is a must stop before leaving Lanceville. [ Go to the Book Store ]

The Ambulance Station

The ambulance station is actually the home of the Lances. By now, you probably know Mrs. Lance and her son, Tommi Lance. Every day, the Lances open their home to anyone looking to learn about emergencies, how to stay safe, and what to do if you find someone who is sick or injured. The station offers dowloadable materials for parents, teachers and EMS personnel as well. At the Lances, you can learn about all the different emergencies encountered in "The Adventures of Tommi LanceTM". Tommi will show you how to make a first aid kit, how to recognize and treat certain emergencies, what to do if you get lost or lose a tooth, and much, much more. [ Go to the Ambulance Station ]

The News Center

Wondering what's new in the town of Lanceville, come visit the News Center. Here you will find press releases, information about the author and any scheduled author visits or book signings, as well as information on any upcoming new releases in "The Adventures of Tommi Lance." [ Go to the News Center ]

The Lanceville Hosptial

If you were wondering what happened to all the people that Tommi helped during his adventures, wonder no longer. Just visit the Lanceville Hospital where you can get an update as to the condition of each of the patients and get an education as well. We want your visit to be as educational as possible, so we have provided information for children about various tests, procedures, and illnesses they may during a visit to the hosptial. [ Visit the Lanceville Hospital ]

The Post Office

With parental permission, children can send email messages to Tommi Lance, Mrs. Lance, Emily Nicole, and even Jackson through the Lanceville Post Office. If you provide your email address, you will even receive a personal reply. [ Go to the Post Office ]


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